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crownsDental crowns (sometimes referred to as “caps”) are the strongest, most durable types of tooth restorations we make. Crowns completely encase a weak or broken tooth. With this method, there are no weak spots in the tooth to break. While not indestructible, they are extremely strong and reliable.

Over the last 10 years, the materials used to make crowns have changed. For decades, we used porcelain fused to a metal substructure. While strong, they were not as natural looking as some of the newer material. Cubic Zirconia has recently been found to be a highly esthetic, extremely strong material to make crowns out of. We use porcelain/metal, all porcelain, and cubic zirconia crowns as the situation dictates to provide a very strong, good looking tooth restoration.

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FAQ’s on Porcelain and Cubic Zirconia Crowns

Crowns are for weak or broken teeth. If the tooth is determined to be unable to withstand normal chewing forces, or if the patient grinds or clenches their teeth (which exposes them to increased force), it will likely need a crown to restore properly and reliably.

There are two separate appointments to complete the crown procedure. The first appointment is generally 90 minutes in length, during which several impressions of the teeth are taken, a temporary crown is made, and the tooth itself is worked on. The “drilling” time is usually only about 15 minutes (about the same as a large filling) of the appointment. The second appointment generally takes about 30 minutes, and occurs about 3 weeks after the first appointment while your custom crown is being made at a dental laboratory.  Most often, patients do not have to get numb for the second appointment. The temporary crown is removed, the custom made crown inserted and checked for fit, and bite adjusted if necessary. It is then cemented in place, and you are done!

Not necessarily. A crown is for a weak tooth. Root canals are for teeth that have been infected. If the tooth does not seem likely to become infected, then just the crown procedure is done. Back teeth that have had root canals done need crowns, as the root canal itself can weaken a tooth.

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