Dental Hygiene & Prophylaxis

Commonly called “routine cleanings”, this service is provided by one of our highly trained, experienced Dental Hygienists. Calculus, the hard deposits that form on teeth (also referred to as “Tartar”), are removed from all visible areas of the teeth.  Charting of existing teeth, restorations, and cavities is performed.  The dentist will perform a head, neck, and intra oral exam at each visit.

These routine hygiene visits are the core of our preventative dentistry oriented practice. They are the keystone to achieving and maintaining good oral health. Preventive services can identify problems, if they exist, when they are minor and easier to treat. This saves the patient pain, time, and money, and are essential in achieving good oral health.

Regular, routine cleanings and exams can also play a major role in preventing Periodontal (gum and bone) Disease. Periodontal disease has been linked to several serious medical conditions, and its prevention is a key part in maintaining our patient’s good health.

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FAQ’s on Dental Hygiene & Prophylaxis

Every human being needs their teeth thoroughly cleaned periodically. For the majority of people, this in necessary every 6 months. Many factors can lead to a need to clean teeth more frequently. These factors can include, but are not limited to, diet, acid reflux, medications, diabetes, hormonal variations, and poor oral hygiene. Our dental team can determine what interval of cleanings and exams are right for each individual patient.

Oral examinations are typically performed every 6 months. If your cleaning interval is shorter, an exam may not be required at each cleaning.

After Hours Emergency Service

Dr. Lubes is available for emergency calls after normal business hours, and on weekends. If you are experiencing a dental emergency, refer to the contact information below. Any non-emergency matters (including scheduling) must be made through the office during normal business hours. A modest $50 emergency fee (not covered by insurance) will be charged if an after-hours office visit is required.

Emergency Line (Dr. Lubes residence)
(585) 889-9539

Cell Phone
(585) 451-8760

(585) 612-7447 (Fax)

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