Digital X-Rays and Panoral Radiographs

We use strictly digital X-rays in our office. These offer the advantages of greatly reduced X-ray radiation exposure to the patient, as well as a better image quality than the traditional film provided us. X-rays are and indispensable tool in our ability to diagnose ant treat our patients. Routine X-rays at regular intervals are invaluable source of information, and allow us to provide quality dental treatment to our patients.

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FAQ’s on Digital X-Rays and Panoral Radiographs

Dental x-rays are a routine exam with one of the lowest radiation doses of studies performed. They include 4 bitewings (about 0.005 mSv), which is less than one day of natural background radiation. Similar to the same amount of radiation exposure from a short airplane flight of 1-2 hrs. The American Dental Association recommends that patients who are not having problems have dental x-rays performed every two years. Westside Family Dentistry also uses proper shielding, which makes the potential risk even lower.

A panoral radiograph is a type of x ray that takes a picture of your entire mouth, jaws, sinuses, and upper neck. It reveals areas that the small sensors that can be placed in your mouth can’t reach. It is extremely useful in imaging wisdom teeth, jaw joints, and the jaw itself. These images are commonly taken every 3-5 years. The radiation exposure of one of these x rays is roughly equivalent to one day of normal background radiation.

After Hours Emergency Service

Dr. Lubes is available for emergency calls after normal business hours, and on weekends. If you are experiencing a dental emergency, refer to the contact information below. Any non-emergency matters (including scheduling) must be made through the office during normal business hours. A modest $50 emergency fee (not covered by insurance) will be charged if an after-hours office visit is required.

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