Fixed (cemented) Bridgework

A bridge is basically a string of crowns made as one solid piece to replace missing teeth. A bridge needs 2 teeth to anchor, one to the front, and one to the back. They ave very durable and can last for decades if properly maintained with good dental hygiene. They are made in a very similar fashion to single tooth crowns, and the appointment times and intervals are the also similar (please see the All Porcelain and Cubic Zirconia Crowns section FAQ for details).

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FAQ’s on Fixed (cemented) Bridgework

There are 3 main methods to replace missing teeth.  A removable partial denture, fixed bridge, or implant retained crowns can all be used to replace missing teeth. These procedures vary greatly in price, patient satisfaction, and time to completion. Some conditions, such as acid reflux, diabetes, or the presence of periodontal disease, can influence the option recommended to the patient. As these are highly personalized to each individual’s condition, we recommend a consult to best determine what might suit the patient.

After Hours Emergency Service

Dr. Lubes is available for emergency calls after normal business hours, and on weekends. If you are experiencing a dental emergency, refer to the contact information below. Any non-emergency matters (including scheduling) must be made through the office during normal business hours. A modest $50 emergency fee (not covered by insurance) will be charged if an after-hours office visit is required.

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