Partial And Full Dentures

Dentures-setsFor patients missing multiple upper or lower teeth, or completely lacking teeth, partial and full dentures can provide a relatively quick, inexpensive method of tooth replacement. These are generally the most affordable way to replace multiple missing teeth. A partial denture relies on small metal clasps to hold the denture to a few select teeth, with the replacement teeth attached to the metal framework. A full denture replaces all the upper or lower teeth with the replacement teeth imbedded in an acrylic base.

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FAQ’s on Partial And Full Dentures

Partial dentures are big, bulky, and trap food around the existing teeth, and underneath themselves. The clasps that anchor it transfer a great deal of stress to the teeth they are attached to, sometimes causing the teeth damage that is difficult to repair. If periodontal disease was a factor in losing the natural teeth, the patient must consider that the food trapped by the partial denture could quicken the destruction of the bone surrounding the remaining teeth.

Goodness, no! Natural teeth provide less mobility, greater chewing force, better chewing and speaking ability, and increased ability to taste food. Dentures are a type of prothesis that you try to chew and speak with, attempting to feel how your food is interacting with your mouth through pieces of plastic. Lower dentures are notoriously unstable due to the movement of your tongue and cheeks. Nothing I can make for you is as good as what God gave you. Take care of your teeth-at least the ones you want to keep!

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