Teeth Bleaching / Whitening

Teeth-WhiteningTeeth bleaching has been practiced by dentists for over 30 years. Today’s modern methods are safe for teeth, and effective at removing the discoloration of teeth caused by years of eating and drinking. Different types of bleaching are available, from take home bleaching trays worn at night, to in office bleaching done in the dental chair. Please call us for a brief, free consultation to see if bleaching is right for you!

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FAQ’s on Teeth Bleaching

Most tooth bleaches use a type of peroxide chemical to whiten the tooth enamel. These are commonly hydrogen peroxide or carbide peroxide. These chemicals are produced by your own body, and enzymes exist to break them down to their base components (water or carbon dioxide, respectively). Used correctly, they will not cause damage to the teeth.

The main side effect to bleaching teeth is – whiter teeth!  Most people report a temporary increase in tooth sensitivity for a few days or weeks after the bleaching is started. We recommend using desensitizing toothpaste prior to, and after, the procedure. In very rare cases, the increased sensitivity can be permanent. This permanent sensitivity is much more common if untreated cavities are present in the teeth. A full exam and dental cleaning prior to bleaching is recommended for best results.

The bleaching process can also turn the gums around the teeth white and cause them to be irritated. These conditions are temporary and will subside, usually in a few days.

After Hours Emergency Service

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