Nite Guards & TMJ Therapy

Nite-Guard-TMJTemperomandibular Joint Disorder (TMJ or TMD) is an often painful condition affecting many people. Some experts believe as many as one of every three people has it to some degree. A nite guard is often a first step in the treatment of TMD. Not unlike a retainer that covers all your upper or lower teeth, a nite guard helps to balance and distribute the force associated with the grinding or clenching of teeth, the most common source of TMD. It also acts as a shock absorber to lessen the strain on the teeth, and thus the jaw joint. A consult and history of the jaw pain is necessary to determine if a nite guard is recommended for the patient’s condition.

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FAQ’s on Nite Guards & TMJ Therapy

We make custom fitted and balanced nite guards for our patients who have TMD symptoms and would benefit from wearing one. Impressions of your teeth are taken at the first appointment. The impressions are then sent to a dental laboratory for the fabrication of your nite guard. About  2 weeks after the first appointment, you return to the office to have the guard fitted and adjusted for your bite.

Nite guards are not always indicated for the treatment of TMD. Certain conditions, such as arthritis or past trauma to the jaw joint, may find nite guards of limited value. We often incorporate referrals to Physical Therapists or Chiropractors in our treatment of TMD, as often it requires a multi-disciplinary approach to best treat the patient. Jaw exercises, soft diet, and use of anti inflammatories may also be recommended.

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