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Dr Lubes has 30 years of dental experience & opened his practice in 1996

About Us

Meet Dr. Lubes & Our Staff

We have assembled a highly competent, friendly staff to meet your dental needs. Our staff has over 150 years of combined experience treating patients, and is well practiced in current concepts in dental treatment. Each member of the staff will work diligently to provide you with skillful and friendly service. We look forward in getting to know you!

Our Services

Regular Cleaning

Routine hygiene visits are the core of our preventative dentistry oriented practice to achieve and maintaining good oral health.


We use porcelain/metal, all porcelain, and cubic zirconia crowns to provide a very strong, good looking tooth restoration.


A bridge can replace multiple teeth, it is very durable and can last for decades if properly maintained with good dental hygiene.


Partial and full dentures can provide a relatively quick, inexpensive method of tooth replacement.

Botox & Fillers

Decrease facial lines and wrinkles, enhancing your smile and giving yourself a younger, more refreshed appearance.

Teeth Bleaching

Different types of bleaching are available, from take home bleaching trays worn at night, to in office bleaching.

TMJ Therapy

A nite guard helps to balance and distribute the force associated with the grinding or clenching of teeth.

Digital X Rays

Greatly reduce X-ray radiation exposure to the patient, as well as a better image quality than the traditional film.

Soft Tissue Management

We’ve refined a treatment method that can stop the disease progression, often eliminating the need of extensive and expensive treatment.

Root Canal

We remove the infected tissue, disinfect the small chamber it resides in, and seal the chamber with a material to prevent future reinfection.

We strive to make all of our patients to have the best experience we can offer them.

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